Little Computer People (LCP) for the Apple II

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Came also out for: Amiga Amstrad CPC Atari ST Commodore 64 Famicom (as Apple Town Story) PC-88 PC-98 ZX Spectrum Game description: This is the mother of The Sims. When you load the game for the first time and personalise it with your name you'll see a house with several rooms like a kitchen, living room, bed room, etc. After some time of waiting a little person will appear and check out the house with all its rooms to see if he likes it. If he likes it, he will move in shortly and bring his dog along with him. That's where the real "game" starts and thats what it will be like every time you'll load the game from then. You see the house and the little person living in it, doing all kinds of stuff people do in their daily routine. He'll cook, eat, feed his dog, read newspapers, watch TV and from time to time he will write you a letter to let you know what he feels or what things he misses. To keep it more gamelike, you can "talk" to him in form of typing commands like "feed dog". You can also play cards with him and send him food or a present. There is no aim in this game other than to interact with your LCP. What I have to say: Well, I will tell you a secret: I like this more than the The Sims...yes, I am aware that you can do so much more in the Sims-games, but they are in comparison bland and lack charm...a lot, actually. I don't want to say that they are bad games, overrated yes, but not bad. But anyways, back to LCP...LCP gets repetitive after quite a while, which shouldn't come to a surprise though. Oh and typing commands can be a pain sometimes and Anagram is surely nothing for people who don't know every English word, lol.