Let's Compare: Ballblazer / Masterblazer - ZX Spectrum / CPC / C64 / 800XL / Atari ST / Amiga

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A weird futuristic ball game. This is one of the games where none of the conversions is really bad. But the Atari 8-bit version is exceptionally good. Much faster and more fluent than the other 8-bit versions. The 16-bit versions come very close to the Atari version, but I still prefer the original. P.S.: The 48k/128k tzx images didn't work on my +2A. A .sna snapshot worked. Playlist: 0:18 - ZX Spectrum 4:30 - Amstrad CPC 7:09 - Commodore C64 10:19 - Atari 8-Bit 14:37 - Atari ST 17:57 - Commodore Amiga