Karateka (Dro Soft/Gamart/Broderbound) (1990) (ZX Spectrum)

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The game that gave rise to Prince Of Persia, and one of the first experiments with animation who imitated real life, a classic set by Jordan Mechner for the Apple II, was converted to Spectrum and MSX by Spanish programming group Gamart. Unfortunately, the game was like a discolored cousin of the original, with great animation, but far below other Martial Arts games like Exploding Fist or International Karate. The Amstrad version was programmed by Microids, so considerably more accurate, with beautiful graphics and superior in every way to the Speccy an MSX versions. Complete walktrough. You can find the RZX used for video, and created by Rafal in the RZX Archive (http://www.rzxarchive.co.uk/)