Ecco the Tides of Time (Genesis) - Full Playthrough

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Deaths: EXTREMELY HIGH *Of course, I cut out the deaths unless you want to watch a 10 hour video, well not sure IF it'll be a 10 hour video, but still.* Difficultly: HARD *Yes, that's right, there's a Hard Difficultly in this game...* (Level List) Intro - 0:01 *No Name* - 0:29 3D Level 1 - 0:57 Crystal Springs - 2:47 Fault Zone - 4:36 Two Tides - 5:53 *No Name* - 8:44 Skyway - 10:50 Sky Tides - 11:22 Tube of Medusa - 12:15 "I was expecting this to drag on for a few minutes, but luck was on my side this time." Aqua Tubeway - 12:50 *Hard Difficultly only* Skylands - 13:59 3D Level 2 - 16:17 Eagle's Bay - 18:01 Asterite's Cave - 19:37 *No Name* - 22:32 Maze of Stone - 31:41 *Hard Difficulty only* Four Islands - 37:30 Sea of Darkness - 41:25 Vents of Medusa - 45:44 "Damn it... the Save State got shown at the beginning... at least I didn't use them DURING the levels." Gateway - 47:10 3D Level 3 - 48:06 *No Name* - 49:49 Moray Abyss - 52:09 "Oh god... this level..." *No Name* - 54:06 The Eye - 56:30 Big Water - 1:06:52 "Uhh... short level, you can only die by drowning." Deep Ridge - 1:07:55 The Hungry Ones - 1:17:02 "Morph or die, the Sharks here put you near death if they attack you while a Dolphin." Secret Cave - 1:18:51 3D Level 4 - 1:19:37 Lunar Bay - 1:21:54 "Get caught and you go to a sub-level, which upon clearing you restart the other level from the beginning before you got caught." *No Name* - 1:23:25 "Gravity changes in this one, so watch where your going if it happens." Black Clouds - 1:27:09 "More Gravity Madness" Gravitorbox - 1:30:08 "Time it right with the pull of the Gravity or die" Globe Holder - 1:31:58 "Difficult Boss is difficult." *No Name* - 1:33:42 *No Name* - 1:34:32 New Machine - 1:38:20 *Hard Difficultly only* "Hello Welcome to Hell, are you more annoying like the first one?" Vortex Queen - 1:40:39 Ending - 1:42:17 Credits - 1:43:58 *No Name* - 1:44:27 "It's not over yet..." 3D Level 5 - 1:44:56 Epilogue - 1:46:47 *No Name* - 1:47:17 Fish City - 1:50:57 "Morphing into a school of Fish and the other Dolphins will try to eat you..." City of Forever - 1:52:14 "A big blue thing that you have to follow to open doors and if it sees you, you better swim away or die." Epilogue Ending - 1:56:38 "Finally... I AM DONE WITH THIS GAME!!!" ----- Well... what do you know... another Full Playthrough and what a surprise... another Ecco game, THIS IS MADNESS! *And "THIS IS SPARTA!" before someone else says it.* Here we got a sequel to a insanely difficult game, and my god... is it MORE difficult than the first one in my opinion... there's levels in here that I died many times on, and nearly putting me to the point of not playing the game again... and nearly chucking my controller across the room. Did I mention that there's a HARD difficultly in this game? And yet... I play it on that difficultly... as if the game isn't hard enough as it is... I have gone mad... I HAVE GONE MAD. Tube of Medusa... surprisingly was the shortest level to complete mainly because I got VERY lucky with the dang thing not throwing me off a good distance, which of course if you fail in this level, you are sent back 2 levels, and that's not fun. Moray Abyss... you have enemies that can almost instantly kill you, and believe it or not, you fight a Boss here, if at full health you can tank only 1 Hit from the boss, but if you smacked into the shell which deals only little damage... and then the boss, you die. Think about it this way... pretend the shell deals 1% of damage to you while the boss itself deals 99% damage. Globe Holder... You have to push it off the locks while avoid getting crushed by it, and you have to make sure it smashes into the walls to damage it while it doesn't go back onto the locks. Getting crushed is instant death but if your lucky... you'll just lose a chunk of your health, giving yourself a 2nd chance, and that's about all you will get at that point. The list of them goes on and one, personally... I'm glad on done with this game... I already went insane with the first one, now I went even MORE insane playing this one... ARGHHHHHHH! The best part about this... is that I'll never have to play them again... REJOICE! At the beginning of Vents of Medusa level you can see the Save State pop in there. If your going to complain about it, don't bother. It's faster to do the states at the start of each level when a title card appears than re-entering a password just to get back to the level. I didn't use save states DURING the levels at least, otherwise you would of noticed quite a few skips in the audio and of course the SAVE STATE x SAVED/LOADED BLAH BLAH BLAH text appearing commonly. So... enjoy, and if you haven't played this game, you'll be doing yourself a favor by doing so, unless you have ALOT of patience.