E.V.O.: Search for Eden (walktrough)

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The first video in a walkthrough requested by XanderMisfit. First of all, in some Parts of this walkthrough, I have to spend some time collecting points to upgrade my creatures to prepare for stronger enemies (the game is nearly impossible otherwise). A really original game about evolution, but full of problems. Apart from the fact that it doesn't represent evolution accurately (I don't think it's possible in a game, especially not in Spore), collision detection is poor, you have next to no recovery time when you get hit and enemies will kill you too quickly. Most Bosses are just near impossible without good practice and evolution and even luck. It's a shame though, because the idea of the game is really original once again. It's playable. Through the videos, I might make some clarification about which part of the theory of evolution as it is currently described is not accurately represented. Don't forget, if you have requests like for another video game walkthrough or something, just ask here or on my channel or even by sending me a message and if I can make it, there are good chances that I will.