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SD vs. HD series Wind Waker - Twilight Princess - Skyward Sword - Metroid Prime - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - See for yourself the jaw-dropping magic of the Dolphin Emulator at work. In this video, we compare footage captured from both the Wii at 480p and the Dolphin emulator at 1080p. The Dolphin emulator actually renders the scene at a resolution of 2560x2112 pixels - four times that of the GameCube. It uses recompilers to understand the game code and emulate the CPU and GPU architectures of both the Wii and the Nintendo GameCube. This is not the same as simply upscaling the image; it's far more advanced and results in infinitely better picture quality, as you can see. The Dolphin emulator can also apply anti-aliasing to games that didn't even support the feature originally. To run games at this quality, a fairly sophisticated rig is required. You can get away with running a fairly outdated GPU, but Dolphin is very CPU-hungry and nothing less than an Intel i3 Sandy Bridge is recommended. Frequency should be 3Ghz minimum. Here are our specs: - Intel i5 2500k @ 3.8Ghz - ASUS GTX560Ti 1GB - 8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz RAM Write Trigger is in no way affiliated with, and does not necessarily endorse the use of the Dolphin emulator or modifications to Nintendo hardware. All games featured in our videos are legitimately owned copies. Piracy harms consumer rights and the videogame industry. Xenoblade Chronicles is a licensed trademark of Nintendo and Monolith Soft. All video content was created by Write Trigger