Corporation (1990) Amiga, full playthrough

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"Your role as a ZODIAC agent is to infiltrate the sixteen-floor headquarters of the CORPORATION and locate and obtain an embryo from the building's foetal laboratory. Arm yourself with special tools and equipment including infra-red and thermal cameras, electronic lock picks, holograms and a jetpack in order to combat the internal alarm systems and avoid the multitude of security guards. CORPORATION gives the player complete 360º rotation with the ability to walk, run, jump and even inch your way through a complete 3 dimensional environment." --Corporation box

Finally got on my butt and finished this one! I remember drooling over the magazine images years ago (ACE mag's review is shown) but used to get nowhere in the game thanks to the high difficulty and confusion factor. However once you study the manual and start mapping, you can make progress... Once you figure out the direct route to just what you need - computer terminals that provide access, the embryo lab - the game is fairly straightforward despite the very high difficulty of random exploration.

Some aspects of the game not seen in video: Capture & escape from prison level; indestructible (?) security bots on levels not seen; fuse box on lower level 5 which allows one to cut power to entire floors; use of items/abilities such as visor, grenades, holograms (one provides the airlock code '9831'), psi powers.

Minor glitch at 34:50: missing video of lift moving to L3.

View the game's intro here:
Game info: ;
Check out the playthrough of Cyber-Cop - port for the Sega Genesis - here:
Thanks also to Corporation first level guide:

Basic walk-through:
(01:15) Floor 5 (start NW): get drink, electronic lock-pick; get security lvl 1; exit SE lift to 4
(04:25) Floor 4: get security lvl 2. exit SE lift to G
(07:40) Ground: airlock to car park
(09:05) Car park: get security lvl 3; exit via airlock
(12:40) Ground: exit SE to Lower 2.
(14:30) Floor L2: get security lvl 4; exit SE
(23:55) Floor L7: get security lvl 5; exit SE
(26:20) Floor L5: get security lvl 6; exit SE
(30:00) Floor L4: get security lvl 7; exit SE
(33:05) Floor 5: exit NW
(35:05) Floor L3: steal embryo; exit NW to 5. (Or exit NW to Ground; then head east & exit airlock to car park & Finish)
(42:50) Floor 5: exit SE to Ground
(44:25) Ground: exit airlock to car park & Finish