C64-Longplay - Law Of The West (720p)

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As sheriff of Gold Gulch, a small town in the Wild West, the player creates confusion. However, this sheriff doesn't jump over roofs and rolling waggons while shooting around, but first talks before he shoots the gunslingers' nobs. Yes, talking makes up the main part of this game. Per counterpart there are each 3 conversation phases with each 4 pre-formulated answers (+ revolver), so you get a nice number of 64 different possible endings per conversation (if you leave out the premature endings of a conversation). But the plot is not only straight-line - occasionally there are surprises, when an untroubled villain wandering off suddenly decides differently, when the doctor tuns to the bottle instead of patching up the sheriff or when a romance is ahead. The game also offers the possibility to set the end to the capital flight in Gold Gulch by putting the bank robbers into their place. For the players preferring a little shooting the game offers also some fields of activity, as not every answer gets through the stern test under ethical aspects.