Barbarian on 6 platforms - a comparison - longplay

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Games played against the computer. 1. ZX SPECTRUM: The encoder missed the sound, there is 2 channel music in the menu and sfx in game. Good gameplay. The sprites in 2 colours only, but pretty visible. 2. AMSTRAD CPC I pressed all the keys and joystick buttons, the game didn't start. I could watch the demo only. Good graphics. 3. COMMODORE 64 The only version with in-game music (amazing 3 channels), Very good playability. You can toggle between music and sfx. 4. ATARI XL/XE Too fast and impossible to win even in level 1. Good 4 channel music in the title screen. 5. ATARI ST Great graphics, very realistic sound fx, very good gameplay. 6. PC WINDOWS Keyboard control only, realistic sfx, no music, both players look identically. I had to record it with a camera, because the game runs only in full screen. My kitty was in my room, and her "meow" was not a game sound :D There is also a version for AMIGA, with similar graphics as ST and with better sound. How could I forget? I was sure that Barbarian for Amiga was only the stupid command game from Psygnosis. There are also versions for PC DOS and Apple II named DEATHSWORD, I didn't know about themwhen I was making this video. MY RANKING: 1st - AMIGA/ATARI ST 2nd - COMMODORE 64 3rd - ZX SPECTRUM 4th - PC WINDOWS 5th - ATARI XE AMSTRAD - unranked (until I know how to run it)