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In these 4 videos i am trying to honor the wonderful machine called Atari ST using the gamer's perspective. After all these years i learned that what makes a computer great is how it can inspire its user. Without doubt Atari ST was ( and still is ) a source of inspiration and made itself a strong competitor to the Amiga series. As an Amiga user i only included games that i have played on my Amiga. So i apologize if i have missed some major titles. I also apologize for any sound problems. SainT is a great emulator but digitized effects are not reproduced correct, at least in my PC. Have fun and feel free to rate and comment. 0:00 to 0:56 another world 0:56 to 1:52 awesome 1:52 to 2:48 barbarian 2:48 to 3:44 blood money 3:44 to 4:40 buggy boy 4:40 to 5:36 cannon fodder 5:36 to 6:31 captain dynamo 6:31 to 7:28 chaos engine 7:28 to 8:24 chuck rock 8:24 to 9:20 dogs of war 9:20 to 10:16 exolon