Atari Jaguar Longplay [02] Aliens Vs Predator (Part 1 of 2)

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Opis filmu Played By: Georgc3 Emulator Used: Project Tempest v0.95 Alright, I generally do not like 1st person shooter games. Why I did it? Many of my friends wanted me to do this. Schlauchi also likes to see this game as well. This is my first time playing this game. I wasn't that great at 1st person shooting games so I had to use walkthrough guides online and walkthrough videos on the internet to complete the entire game. This is the only 1st person shooting game you will ever see me doing as a longplay. You won't see anymore games like this from me. I did a playthrough with all 3 characters: the alien, predator, and the marine campaign. The intro begins at 0:32. Alien Playthrough begins at 2.03 and it ending at 40:40. The Predator playthrough at begins at 42:21 and its ending at 1:49:38. The marine playthrough at begins at 1:52:05 and its ending at 4:06:17. For the Alien Playthrough, you are going to die a lot; the alien cannot take food or medkits to replenish its health. Instead, you have to cocoon your enemies which only work on marines not on predators. You press claw, tail, and claw, and walk over the marines to successfully cocoon them. When you die, a cocoon is hatched and you are the new alien. Aliens cannot use elevators but can use air ducts. The predator, you can get food or medkits. You can use it later when you use it. If you need to use it, press the num 5 on your keyboard or 5 on gamepad if you're playing this on a real Atari Jaguar console. With the predator playthrough, it was damn hard on the first level. It has an open area filled with ton of marines you have to get pass. I used the thermal vision to make myself invincible so marines cannot see you just like seen in the movie. But if you get too close to them, then they will see you and tries to kill you. You must kill enemies while you're visible to earn points, which unlocks weapons. Invisibility does not work on aliens as they will always see you whether or not you're invincible. Predators cannot use air ducts but can use elevators to advance to the next level. I did not die as much here just like the marine campaign, but I still had to use save my game and load the saved game. According to the strategy guide, when I load my saved game, the enemies and the items get regenerated so it's best to save your game in elevators or inside the air locks just before the air pressure. A predator does not pick up ammo like the marine. They always have it as they recharge their ammo by letting it fill up by itself and letting time go by to do it. Elevators and inside the air locks are the safest locations to save your game. If you save your game outside of these, the enemies you've killed gets regenerated so does the health items you pick up. With the marine campaign, I've died a whole bunch of times. I had to save/reload a whole bunch of times. In some parts of the video, there will be a jump on the amount of ammo, and health, reason is when I load my saved game, I'd played the same level several times which I had to off-screen or you're going to see me playing the same level all over again and again and gets boring if I did since I reset the game many times when I'm not satisfied with the results. Since the enemies and the health items gets regenerated when I load a saved game, it gets harder so I had save and reload the saved game many times by playing the same level many times in order to get my health and amount of ammo for each weapon fully recharged before advancing to the next level when using the elevator. It took me so long to do this. The marines can use either the air ducts or elevators when traveling to different locations where the elevator cannot get you to. Note: Regarding the marine campaign, for some reason, I'm unable to use the Automap system (including the one in the predator campaign) when I move through game or using the motion tracking device. If I did, it will create a major graphically glitch that I am never be able to get rid of it. This walkthrough guide really helped: