Amstrad CPC Longplay [015] Advanced Tactical Fighter

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Opis filmu Played By: Pyjamarama If you want to try this game, here is some info. General strategy: Killing airplanes doesn't win the war, focus on all the ground targets. Your on board computer won't know all the targets, but you can scout new targets by flying around. Plan your flight, and remember to visit the isles with a lot of targets. Enemy bases are the tougher target they need a lot of maverick missiles, choose another target if you have less then 5 missiles (depends on the difficulty level). Main screen (upper left): LEFT: - throttle - speed CENTER: - compass - missile type (M/A) and launcher status - target's direction - target's distance RIGHT: - ground altitude - ATF's altitude Mini-map (upper right) Computer (lower right) Messages and flight status (bottom of the screen) ATF's controls: Remember it's a QWERTY layout. H - Pause the game Q - Increase throttle A - Decrease throttle Arrow keys - Turn and up and down, note that you can control asraam missiles too L - Auto landing procedure (available when the red 'AL' light is blinking) T - Tactical flight (available when the green 'TF' light is blinking) U - Undercarriage N - Switch between air-to-air missile (Asraam) and air-to-ground missile (Maverick) M - Launch a missile of the selected type J - Jam the incoming SAM (use it when the yellow 'SAM' light is blinking and beeping) C - Switch between the different computers screens - World map: useful to choose where to find new target - Database: list of all know enemies and allies targets - Weapons: remaining ammo - Status: remaining hit points of the parts of the ATF D - Database: Toggle ally/enemy target E - Database: Cycle thru the target types (Base/Tank/Ship/Comms/Factory) R/F - Database: Previous/Next target G - Database: Closest target