"Amstrad CPC Horror Games - the Resurrected version

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"Amstrad CPC Horror Games" - the 'Resurrected' version! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! In this special compilation video I'll be taking a quick look at all the 'horror' based or themed games on the Amstrad CPC range of computers! I did a similar video 5 years ago which was very popular, however YouTube copyright bullies muted the audio on the video this year because of some of the music I had used. So here is a brand new compilation including some of the games I missed out last time! To be honest, there's not that many truly 'scary' or 'horror' games, so some horror *themed* ones pad out the video and of course some based on 'horror' movies ... but is Ghostbusters really a horror movie? Or a comedy? Oh well don't take this too seriously, just enjoy and have a great Halloween! Find me on FACEBOOK here!! https://www.facebook.com/xyphoe/ To find out more information on the games featured in this and download disk dumps please visit http://cpc-power.com website! Games featured - (1) Part I: "General Horror Themes" Ghosts N Goblins Ghouls N Ghosts Nighthunter Cauldron series - Cauldron - Cauldron 2 - Super Cauldron Dracula Chiller Ghost Hunters Werewolves Of London (2) Part II: "Horror Movie Licences" Friday 13th Zombi (Dawn Of The Dead) Alien series - Alien 12:15 - 12:40 - Aliens - Aliens (US Version) Ghostbusters series - Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters II - The Real Ghostbusters The Addams Family Nightbreed Arachnophobia Nosferatu The Rocky Horror Show Predator Predator 2 Gremlins Gremlins2 Jaws (3) Part III: "Honourable Mentions" Frankenstein Jnr Infernal Runner Roland On The Ropes Oh Mummy Altered Beast Space Gun The Astonishing Adventures Of Mr Weem And The She Vampires Striker In The Crypts Of Trogan Myth Dr Scrimes Spook School Orion Prime