Amiga Longplay [312] Walker

Report broken movie

Opis filmu Played By: ScHlAuChi A nice shooter from the developers of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, but gets repetitive quite fast. The lack of powerups or extraweapons is disappointing, and the later levels get ridiculously hard - so hard that it would have been impossible to finish the game without the use of AutoFire! (prevents overheating and then jamming of your guns - just in case you wonder why the temperature never rises) The original movie is recorded with 25fps, as in the early longplay days we didnt use 50fps, so every 2nd frame is missing, thats exactly the ones where the heat meter would go up one pixel due ot the autofire in WinUAE. Note: Anyone who doesnt read the video info and claims im cheating gets an instant ban - not because he might be right that Autofire is considered cheating which it ISNT according to OUR rules, but he will be instantly banned for being unable to read the video info before commenting!