Amiga Longplay [225] Chambers of Shaolin

Report broken movie

Opis filmu Played by: Ironclaw I played this as a kid and didn't know all there was to this game. I recently heard something about there being a dragon boss in this game and got curious. Didn't know how to find it or where. But I started training a character, then when all tests were completed I selected Combat in the menu and fought away like I remember doing long ago... and after several opponents I stood eye to eye with a dragon, cool, for the first time! :) (guess I never beated all the opponents). I cropped too much of the movie as the first training stages didn't have any graphics outside 640x430, so I used that one, but later found out on the combat stages that the picture is a bit bigger, but it was too late then. So... a big chunk of gfx is missing at the bottom of the screen during the combat part. I should have checked HOL before playing the game. No biggie though.