Amiga Longplay [038] Moonstone

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Played by Ironclaw Intro+game+outro... Well, that went fast :). Got lucky and found the keys way too fast. Not really a decent longplay movie, but it's not a speedrun either. I didn't bother slaying all the lairs, defeating all the knights, gamling, defeating the dragon, getting killed over and over again to show all the cool ways to die etc... If you want to see all of that, watch my other (low quality) moonstone movie, or visit The Moonstone Tavern. If requested I could take my time and do everything that is possible in this game, but then the movie would be like 2 hours. This game is so easy to finish :), all you need to do is to find the 4 keys, then go to the stonecirle and then Stonehenge.


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