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All new MAME 0.189 games

Opis filmu

Here's all the new arcade games and handheld electronic games supported in MAME 0.189.

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Games featured:
(00:05) Double Dribble (Konami handheld)
(00:16) Garfield (Konami handheld)
(00:27) Kick Ball
(00:38) NFL Football (Konami handheld)
(00:49) Poosho Poosho
(01:00) Tekken Battle Scratch
(01:11) The Adventures of Bayou Billy (Konami handheld)
(01:22) unknown 'Space Invaders' gambling game
(01:33) Football Power
(01:44) Mephisto Academy
(01:55) Mephisto Almeria 68000
(02:06) Mephisto Almeria 68020
(02:17) Mephisto Berlin Pro 68020
(02:28) Mephisto Genius 68030
(02:39) Mephisto Polgar
(02:50) Night Gal Summer [BET] (Japan 850702 NGS 0-01)
(03:01) TH Strikes Back

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