20 Games That Defined The Philips CD-i

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20 Games That Defined The Philips CD-i 1991 The Palm Springs Open (Philips) 1992 Escape from CyberCity (Philips) 1992 Video Speedway (Philips) 1993 The 7th Guest (Trllobyte) 1993 Voyeur (Philips) 1993 Kether (Infogrames) 1993 Link: The Faces of Evil (Animation Magic) 1993 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (Animation Magic) 1994 Hotel Mario (Philips) 1994 Dragon's Lair (Philips) 1994 Litil Divil (Gremlin) 1994 Burn:Cycle (Philips) 1994 Mutant Rampage Bodyslam (Animation Magic) 1994 The Apprentice (The Vision Factory) 1995 Thunder in Paradise Interactive (Philips) 1995 Mad Dog McCree (American Laser Games) 1995 Lost Eden (Cryo/Virgin) 1995 Chaos Control (Infogrames) 1995 Zelda's Adventure (Viridis) ???? Super Mario's Wacky Worlds (NovaLogic, no official release)