20 Games That Defined the Fujitsu FM Towns (Marty)

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You find more information about the FM Towns Marty console, emulation and games at: http://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com/pg90-fm_towns.htm 20 Games That Defined the Fujitsu FM Towns (Marty)* The FM Towns (Marty) is actually well-known for its many adult anime manga-games. I only added one (Rance III), because the explicit content of those games could get me in trouble with YouTube. Just know that there a lot of adult games for this platform. 1990 Rayxander (Datawest) 1990 Bubble Bobble (Ving/Taito) 1990 Zack McKracken & the Alien Mindbenders (LucasArts) 1990 Super Shooting Towns (?) 1990 Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (LucasArts) 1990 Image Fight (Ving/Irem) 1990 Loom (LucasArts) 1991 Raiden Densetsu (Success) 1991 Chase HQ (Ving/Taito) 1991 Rance III: Leazas Kanraku (Alice Soft) 1992 Splatterhouse (Ving/Namco) 1992 Tatsujin-Ou (Ving/Toaplan) 1992 Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion (Capcom) 1992 Alone in the Dark (Infogrames) 1992 Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis (LucasArts) 1993 Viewpoint (Ving/Sammy) 1994 Twin Cobra (aka Kyukyoku Tiger) (Ving/Toaplan) 1994 PuLiRuLa (Ving/Taitio) 1994 Flashback (US Gold/Delphine Software) 1994 Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Capcom)