The History of the Commodore Amiga - Rare Jay Miner Speech AmiExpo 1990

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Jay Miner is "The Father of the Amiga" This is a rare audio recording of his history of the Amiga speech on March 18th 1990 at AmiExpo East Coast in Washington DC. It is called "The Amiga from the Beginning" I had the pleasure of attending this event and meeting Jay Miner. He enjoyed speaking with members of the Amiga community and was very interested in the user group that I ran called WAUG - The Westchester Amiga User Group. Jay Miner loved user groups and the Amiga community. My dad purchased this audio recording at the end of the event. The tape had been missing in his house for many years - until now. Jay Miner speaks about the Amiga's beginning with he and Dave Morse at Hi-toro, their relationship with Commodore, concepts for what he wanted the Amiga to be, the Amiga 1000, 500, and 2000, the history of the custom chips and their function, the history of the boing ball, and so much more. This event is one of my fondest memories. I included all the photos I have from it (which aren't many) including my admission ticket. Being that this is an audio only recording, I wanted some simple visuals to accompany it, so my dad transferred the original audio cassettes to 1/4" open reel. Those are my dad's hands at the beginning and the Dokorder reel to reel machine has been in his basement since I was born. The original recordings weren't very good quality with 60 Hz ground hum, over-modulation, etc.. I re-mastered them the best I could. I think there is something cool about this audio only recording. There is something magical about hearing only Jay Miner's voice. It takes me right back to one of the best days of my life. I hope you enjoy it as well.
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