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Behind the Scenes - Another World / Out of this World [Making of]
Autor NeoGamer - The Video Game Archive

Opublikowane 22-04-2020 00:00

The making of the classic game Another World, created by Éric Chahi and released in 1991. The original footage used to create the rotoscoped graphics of the game.
TRON - CGI making of (1982)
Autor Ultimate History of CGI

Opublikowane 25-02-2020 00:00

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS FILM ON OUR SITE Playlist for revolutionary CGI films. Like and share!
Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer Tutorial
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 28-01-2020 00:00

A rambling guide to getting started with Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer, the tool for creating 8-bit games. Part 2 available here: MPAGD can be downloaded here:
Atari: Game Over ( cały film PL )
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 12-01-2020 00:00

Film dokumentalny Atari: Game Over.
How UltraHLE changed Nintendo 64 emulation forever | MVG
Autor Modern Vintage Gamer

Opublikowane 12-12-2019 00:00

In 1999 UltraHLE did the impossible - fast Nintendo 64 emulation on a Pentium II machine. This is the story of the emulator that made history. ► Consider supporting me - ► Thanks to gillythekid for the voice over. Show him some love - ...
Amiga Game Dev - Install a Tool Chain
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 03-12-2019 00:00

In this first episode of Amiga Game Development in Assembler I show you how to setup a modern tool chain for rapid development. Download the slides and obtain further info at the ...
The story of VFX, Amiga and Babylon 5
Autor VFX Geek

Opublikowane 24-11-2019 00:00

Have a look how one TV show and a desktop computer revolutionized VFX industry.
SEGA's 3 Biggest Mistakes | Gaming Historian
Autor Gaming Historian

Opublikowane 19-11-2019 00:00

New viewer? Subscribe! ► Sega saw a meteoric rise in the video game market share during the early 90's. By 2001, they were no longer making hardware. How can you fall so hard, so fast? Let's take a look at Sega's 3 Biggest Mistakes! Check out Nintendo's 3 Biggest Mistakes ► ...
Retro Przegląd Prasy #1. Secret Service 34
Autor Coleslav

Opublikowane 17-11-2019 00:00

TRIAD: NEON (2017) Code: Abaddon, Houbba, Icon, Nith, Tao Graphics: ilesj, Twoflower, Vent Music: Flex/Artline Designs & Contex Design: ilesj Text: Taper Linking: Icon Loader: HCL/Booze Design Help: Ruk/Booze Design Capture & x264 encode from a real C64 by ...
Danny Ross Presents Timex Sinclair 1500 and the 2068
Autor Computer History Museum

Opublikowane 09-11-2019 00:00

Recorded: October 26, 1983 Catalog Number: 102739990

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