The Amstrad CPC 464 - Celebrating 30 Years! (featuring Darran Jones, Larry Bundy Jr, Steve Benway)

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THE AMSTRAD CPC 464! In this special hour long video we will be celebrating 30 years Of the Amstrad CPC 464 (released to the public on the 21st June 1984) - you will find everything you ever needed to know about the Amstrad CPC 464! From its development history, success and sales, (most importantly) gaming and to it's lasting legacy! With some additional help, insight and reminiscing from special guests and friends of mine where we remember our first memories of the machine, how successful it was in comparison to it's competitors, most memorable and favourite games and finally our lasting impression of this plucky underdog! Thank you to following special guest star contributors (oh and make sure you go and visit their websites and subscribe to their YouTube channels!) - Darran Jones "Retro Gamer" magazine editor Guru Larry Bundy Jr. Steve Benway Alex "bluetonic78" Ash "ash81b4u" Add me on Facebook here!! - Additional thank you to McKlain for his help with me writing the opening tune on the video! Written and recorded from a real CPC too! Visit his site here - If anyone requires credits for some of the images used in the video please let me know and I'll place appropriate credit. Photos of the prototype CPC 464 - The Register / Simon Rockman