Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 30th Birthday Anniversary 2012 - The Movie

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Friday, April 23th 1982 (St George's Day, England's national day) - At a press conference at the Churchill Hotel, Clive Sinclair revealed to the world his new personal computer, the ZX Spectrum. The rest is history! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPECCY! Special thanks to: Rick Dickinson for his pictures of his Sinclair Research designs; John Mathieson for the Sinclair Research documentation "Who's who at Sinclair"; Oetterli Druck AG for printing the 10 meter long Spectrum rainbow banner at an affordable price and last but not least to my son Maximilian for lending me his new notebook computer for faster video editing. * Links * Download the exclusive "Media Kit" (1GB, "The Movie" as WMV file, 141 photos, 5 documents) Rick Dickinson's "Sinclair ZX days" (2007) Chris Smith's "The ZX Spectrum ULA" Book (2010) "The ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary Special" bookazine (2012) from Imagine Publishing (ip) "Retro Gamer Spectrum Mug" from Imagine Publishing (ip) The Cambridge Phenomenon Book (2012) United Kingdom Information Technology Year, 1982