Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 30th Anniversary 2012 - Hardware panel talk

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Video recording of the "hardware panel talk" held on Saturday September 8th 2012 at the "Spectrum 30" show in the Cambridge Campus of the Anglia Ruskin University. This very unique event featured Rick Dickinson (the former Sinclair Research industrial designer), Simon Goodwin (the former Spectrum, QL, AMIGA crack, software author and author of many UK magazine articles in the 80s and early 90s) and Chris Smith (the author of the ultimate 21st century electronic geek book in Spectrum hardware (re-)design). Thanks to Michael Holst-Olesen of Denmark who was so kind of 1) pressing the record button on his camera at the right time and in the right place, 2) improving the audio track (without that Rick Dickinson could hardly be understood), 3) recoding the video to a non-interlaced Full HD resolution (without that it would not look that sharp), 4) allowing me to publish it, the video of the "hardware panel talk" is now available. It is 1 hour 7 minutes long. Enjoy! Rick Dickinson's "Sinclair ZX days" (2007) Sinclair ZX80/ZX81 story, Rick Dickinson recalls in 2003 Simon N Goodwin „Work and Life" (2000-2012) Kodak-Camera session by Simon N Goodwin at QL2000 Chris Smith's "The ZX Spectrum ULA" Book (2010) Source: spec301080KernelDeIntSmallAudioFix