Microsoft's forgotten UNIX operating system - Whatever happened to Xenix?

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Did you know that Microsoft made their own version of UNIX, all the way back as far as 1979, before MS-DOS and Windows was even a thing!? As usual, no story of computing folklore would be complete without a bit of controversy, and the story of Xenix is not short of a fair few crazy moments! Controversy aside, I bet you'll learn a good bit about a bit of history today, that could have changed the way we see and use computers a whole lot, if Xenix had won the day. Get ready for a compelling story!

Learn about: Legal battles! Product mergers! Acquisitions! UNIX on the original PC and Apple Lisa! Steve Ballmer on Cocaine!

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:44 Origins of Xenix
6:15 What did Xenix run on & what did it do?
8:08 How much did Xenix cost?
9:57 Shortcomings of Xenix
12:19 Imagine what could have been
15:07 Selling to SCO
20:04 Legal Issues & Bankruptcy
21:05 How Xenix lives on!