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MAME - A 2022 Retrospective

Opis filmu

The MAME 2022 Retrospective is finally here!

I had to omit an unfortunate amount of cool progress just to keep the video a manageable length, and even then it ended up being far longer than anticipated. I wish there were more opportunities for jokes, but the subject matter was, by necessity, a little on the dry side. Still, I'm happy with how it turned out - how about you?

00:00 Intro
01:25 Part 1: Newly Added & Promoted
10:44 Part 2: Internal Polish
12:09 Part 3: Computers & Peripherals
18:31 Part 4: Arcade Machines
27:26 Part 5: Consoles & More
33:21 Outro


Official MAME Website:
MAME on Github:
MAME on Reddit:

Assorted Game Music Used:
* SMRPG - Sunken Ship
* Dr. Mario 64 - Title Theme
* Star Fox 64 - Meteo
* Mega Man 7 - Shade Man's Stage
* Street Fighter II (Arcade) - Chun Li's Theme
* Wolfenstein 3D (PC, Adlib)- Get Them Before They Get You
* Jazz Jackrabbit - Tubelectric
* Little Mermaid (PC) - Under The Sea
* Out Run (Arcade) - Last Wave

Chapter Jingles:
* Part 1: Arkanoid
* Part 2: Dig Dug
* Part 3: Frogger
* Part 4: Donkey Kong
* Part 5: Ghosts & Goblins

Moogle art designed, sketched, inked and colored by Arty Cheetah (Twitter: cheetah_secreto)

Stock footage provided courtesy of Pexels (

Footage used from YouTube sourced under the Creative Commons Attribution license:
* Coleco's Donkey Kong tabletop VFD game:
* Aiwa V-1100 hi-fi unit footage:
* 1983 Atari 800 Computer Commercial:
* How I reverse engineer a chip:
* World Record No Hit Mattel Auto Race Speed Run:

Memotech MTX 512 photograph used with permission of Dave Stevenson (

OutRun 'Instant' - Instant Remedy - OverClocked ReMix (
Kirby SuperStar 'Food Frenzy' - GaMetal - OverClocked ReMix (

"Don of the Slums" and "Critter Tripper Fritter" arranged, performed, and used with permission of Ian Martyn:

"Rumble Rangers" used with permission of Dunderpatrullen via Jim Lindgren -


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