Konix Multisystem Trailer [UNRELEASED videogame console!]

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http://www.unseen64.net "The Konix Multisystem was an unreleased game console by British computer peripheral company Konix. It was widely announced in the computing press in 1989, and was intended to follow the success of the company's range of joysticks. The console resembled a dashboard-style games controller, and could be configured with a steering wheel, a flight yoke, and motorbike handles. Konix promised advanced features such as a hydraulic chair and force feedback steering wheel. Development work was carried out by Flare Technology based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, with assistance from British games programmer Jeff Minter. The console was an outgrowth of Flare's Flare One computer. However the system was beset by delays, and was never released in its intended form. After the project was abandoned, Flare Technology began on Flare Two, which was bought by Atari and, after further development, was released as the Atari Jaguar game console. Konix had revolutionary ideas for the Multisystem (such as the 'Power Chair'), which moved with the console (similar to virtual reality devices existing today but in a smaller scale). The Konix Multisystem's design was later released independently as the MSC Super MS-200E Multi-System, although this was simply an inexpensive PC games controller, without any special internal hardware." - wikipedia