Computer Chronicles - Low End Computers, PBS; Jack Tramiel, Commodore, Atari, Apple.

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This video gives an interesting view of the personal computer industry was a whole in 1985, featuring industry guests, product demos and discussion. 18:43 highlight? Would you watch a video of a honest and insightful video featuring Steve Jobs from 1985? If so then you should watch this video featuring Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore and subsequent chairman of Atari. "...we call it personal computers. When I started the personal computer business in 1976, we called it the personal computer and I'm still continuing..." There is plenty of commentary on Apple and its products scattered through the programme. Check out the Users Groups feature for some potential early Commodore fanboyism and Apple hate. 18:43 There is a comedy piece right at the end of the news update featuring Apple as well. 28:52 Featured Guests Jack Tramiel, Leonard Tramiel, Frank Leonardi, Gary Kildall, Digital Research Products/Demos: Commodore Laptop, Commodore 128, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST 512 Program: The Computer Chronicles Title: Low End Computers Date: 4/12/85 Program Length: 29:13 Program Number: 215