Commercial Breaks - A documentary about Imagine and Ocean Software (Full Uncut Version)

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I'm uploading this video as Google Video is closing down at the end of this month and wanted to have a place online for people to watch it. But I'm tempted to create a new channel dedicated to archiving video game TV shows, would anyone be interested in that? Fantastic bit of history showing a behind the scenes of software houses Ocean and Imagine circa 1983/4. Following text from In early 1984 the Imagine team were working on a spectacular project known as Bandersnatch. The game was to come in an A4 sized box containing around 30 'goodies' including a required additional piece of hardware for your Spectrum computer. The retail price of Bandersnatch was expected to be around £40 and it was to be a completely new concept in computer games. Apparently 10 professional artists were working on the graphics alone. Bandersnatch was never released. On the 9th of July 1984, Imagine went bust after only 18 months of operation. Interestingly, its demise was documented by a BBC television program.*** *** Note. This is the very video that the text is talking about. :-)