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Clive Sinclair - The Pace Setters

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Profile of inventor and designer Clive Sinclair. An introduction to Sinclair's entrepreneurial accomplishments are provided complete with footage of his best-known inventions, including, the first pocket calculator, the digital "Black Watch", the "Microvision" pocket television, and his most notable achievement, the worlds first compact personal computer. The filmmakers attempt to gain insight into Sinclair's personality and motivations with extensive interviews about his childhood and schooling; his early professional life as a technical journalist; and his later business ventures that would earn him the Queens Award to Industry in addition to a multi-million pound investment. His future ambitions are questioned leading him to discuss his plan to design an electric car.

Featured People:
Mrs Ann Sinclair, wife; Mr Crispin Sinclair, eldest son aged 14; Miss Sinclair, daughter; Mr Sinclair, youngest son; David Chapman, Sinclair's Production Controller at Tek Electronics Ltd, St Ives

Featured Buildings:
Lunn Poly, King's Parade, Cambridge (Sinclair's office above); Clive Sinclairs Cambridge home; The Clive Sinclair Factory, St Ives nr Cambridge.