California Extreme 2012 - Rare Games Tour

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Video tour of the many rare and interesting games you'll find at California Extreme. -- GAME LIST -- Video Games: Kozmik Krooz'r Airborne F355 Challenge Johnny Nero Action Hero Space Race Boot Hill Bandido Tank 8 Star Castle (Cocktail) Kung-Fu Master (Cocktail) The Irritating Maze Joust 2 Reactor Mad Planets Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Warlords (2 Player) Armor Attack Space War Akka Arrh Marble Madness II Star Wars (Cockpit-25" Monitor) Tail Gunner Cyberstorm Moonquake Fishin' Frenzy Sparkz Relief Pitcher Nightmare Radikal Bikers Targ Teeter Torture Freeze Trog Liberator Willow Vector Games: Empire Strikes Back Quantum Major Havoc (Dedicated Cabinet) Lunar Lander War Of The Worlds Boxing Bugs Solar Quest Speed Freak Laser Disk (or similar) Games: Space Ace (Dedicated Cabinet) Cobra Command Bega's Battle Super Don Quix-ote Thayer's Quest Firefox Inter Stellar The ACT Pinball: Kingpin (Prototype) Jolly Park 4x4 Tommy (Prototype) Big Bang Bar (Prototype) Interesting Games: Billy Bowl Varkon Zeke's Peak New Pinball Products: ColorDMD (Color DMD for Pinball) - Addams Family and Medieval Madness XPin LED DMZ (LED DMD for Pinball) - Creature From The Black Lagoon and World Cup Soccer