Yerzmyey - Tokyo Gondwana (electro videoclip ATARI 800XL / 65XE by LAREK)

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This is an official videoclip for "Tokyo Gondwana" electro/techno-pop song made by me (Yerz). The videoclip has been made by Larek. Entire music recorded from a standard Atari 800XL machine (64Kb of RAM, one Pokey chip). The song in full quality: We wanted ATARI to have its own videoclip, like Amiga had in 80s ("16BIT" band :) ). But in our case - entire music has been recorded from Atari, from our demo "XL-DIGITAL" - ). Demos used in the videoclip: Atari Swan - Michael Park Drunk Chessboard - Infinity / Fox, QBA, X-RAY Implosion - Marek Chorvat, Peter Kudlicka, Robert Pecnik, Marian Vybostok ( Pure - prObe, Powrooz Boogie Nights - Lamers / Ajcek, Atom, Alias Old School - Lamers / Ajcek, Atom, Wieczór X-demo - MadTeam - Madman (Tebe), Rocky, Miker "Hi Alf" - Tomasz Liebich