Super Stalin Brothers - TAONGAD (Alternative Party 2011)

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Entry in the 2011 Alternative Party - "Beginners Demo Competition". [More]

The theme for the demo party was "Red machine", so we decided to make a demo that was a cold war themed propaganda demo. We decided on picking the NES because we could not find a lot of demos for the platform and therefore felt that it was an "exotic" and interesting choice. This is our first ever demo entry but not our last. Enjoy!

Rank: #1
Platform: Nintento Entertainment System (8-bit), 8-bit
Development time: 2 weeks of evenings and weekends, a lot of tweaks and edits were done "on site" at the party before submission
Size: 86 KB
Running length: ~3 min

* There were more scenes planned, but they didn't make the deadline.
* We brought a NES and a homebrew card to the party to show it from hardware, but the entry ended up playing on emulator for the showing. Made it easier for everyone involved (us included).
* This video shows the demo running in PAL-mode (since our hardware is PAL), but the organizers accidentally ran it in NTSC-mode (because it was the emulator default) during the screening. Running in NTSC makes it cut the topmost and bottom tile rows and makes it run ~12% faster.
* The Nyan cat appearance has nothing to do with the rest of the theme. It was just a geek reference we threw in mid production to add some extra humor. Can we please leave this meme behind us now and move on?