SNES STNICCC - no Super FX Edition by Desire

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Faster version:

released at Novoque 2020 (Evoke 2020) in oldschool compo.

when Axis and me started 2018 the STNICCC compo we never thought that so many different releases on different platforms will appear...

so at Revision 2019 a SNES version appeared but used the Super FX chip for rendering....

And at Revision 2020 we delayed our demo to 2021 this became another of these "just 3 days" projects (which actually took 3 weeks in the end)...

This SNES PAL demo doesn't use any custom chip or hardware on cart... just plain 3,5mhz 65816 and hardware 8x8 multiplication on the SNES and some DMA and PPU trickery.... to give you an idea how to render polygons.


Heaven and Oziphantom

Graphics (pixel art):


SV2020 Logo:

Mystic Bytes.

3d Data:

Oxygene (Atari ST group). Thanks to Leonard of Oxygene... the flight was created on 3d studio max and then customised and STised for the ST demo by Leonard.

As we stay true... the SNES parses the original Atari ST data file (600kb).


Maze did amazin job for both chip tunes.


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