Performers - The Concert [2016]

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A Commodore 64 demo from Performers released at the X'2016 demo party. C64 Demo Competition at X'2016: Ranked #4

Credits :
Code .... *Mahoney* of Visa Röster
*Mixer* of Origo Dreamline, Side B
*The Human Code Machine* of Crazy, Masters' Design Group, MultiStyle Labs, Oxyron
*YPS* of Performers, The Noisy Bunch
Music .... *c0zmo* of Bliss
*GH* of MultiStyle Labs, Toondichters
*Linus* of Arsenic, Artstate, Camelot, MultiStyle Labs, Oxyron, Resource, Viruz
*LMan* of MultiStyle Labs, Oxyron,
*Mixer* of Origo Dreamline, Side B
Graphics.... *Bitbreaker* of Arsenic, Nuance, Oxyron
*DeeKay* of Crest, News Press Magazine Staff, Oxyron
*redcrab* of Genesis Project, Goin' Sideways
*Veto* of Oxyron, PriorArt
Charset .... *hedning* of Genesis Project, Propaganda Magazine Staff
Linking .... *Bitbreaker* of Arsenic, Nuance, Oxyron
*Mahoney* of Visa Röster
Loader .... *Bitbreaker* of Arsenic, Nuance, Oxyron
Sampling .... *Mahoney* of Visa Röster