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N.O.P. - Unknown Reality (60fps)

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This is a video of Unknown Reality. A megademo for MSX2 released by N.O.P. in 1994 on 3 diskettes. The demo requires 256 kB RAM and 128 kB VRAM. Audio is provided by MSX-MUSIC (such as Panasonic FM-PAC) and MSX-AUDIO (such as Philips Music Module). It contains 3 demo parts which play only a sample. This sample is 256 kB and is loaded in an MSX-AUDIO cartridge containing 256 kB sample RAM. It can be installed on harddisk, which in order increases the memory requirement from 256 kB to 512 kB, since MSX-DOS2 requires some memory for itself as well.

This video was recorded with openMSX, running Philips NMS 8250 with 512 kB RAM, Panasonic FM-PAC and a Philips Music Module containing 256 kB sample RAM encapsulated in the mbstereo extension and Sunrise IDE interface to run the demo from harddisk.

As the demo switches between 50 Hz and 60 Hz interrupt, the video is split up into 16 base video files. In order to create one big video file from all these files involved need to be saved with the same frame rate and merged into one file. Details on how I did this can be read on

This is a reupload of the video on


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