DUCKY IS BACK! - Fujitsu FM77AV Demo submitted to Demosplash 2019

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This is my demo for Fujitsu 8-bit computer from 1985 called FM77AV. Developed entirely in 6809 assembly and submitted to Demosplash 2019 ( The demo has won the first place in the Retro Demo category competition!

The video was recorded from actual FM77AV40 unit. Not a capture from an emulator. FM77AV40 → JP RGB 21 to HDMI → HDMI to VGA → VGA to RCA video converter → USB Video capture adapter.

Fujitsu FM77AV was famous for its simultaneous 4096 colors. But, the computer also came with a line-drawing hardware, which was not very common in 1985. It made FM77AV the best 8-bit platform for wireframe 3D graphics, but 3D graphics was not very common then. Only handful of 3D-graphics applications were released for FM77AV.

Fujitsu has been a company that was too far ahead of other competitors to be the most popular. Fujitsu FM series computers were always second most popular following NEC PC series computers.

Source code and disk image for running the demo can be found in: (English version) (Japanese version)