Amiga Scenedemo - Smoke & Mirrors by Ghostown and Loonies (Revision 2013)

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Amiga Scenedemo, Smoke & Mirrors by Ghostown and Loonies, shown at Revision 2013 and claiming 1st place in the Amiga demo compo.

As usual, fast AGA Amiga required (68060 advised).

"Ghostown and Loonies present

for the Amiga Demo compo at Revision 2013

a steampunk demonstration entitled

S M O K E & M I R R O R S


Code and scripting: Blueberry
2D graphics and textures: Slayer
2D graphics: Darklight
3D modelling: Codi
Music: JazzCat

Guitars by Robert "Roberts" Szczepaniak, Mateusz Palonek. Thanks!!!

Big thanks to Kusma, Skrebbel and Emoon for bringing the demoscene
into the Rocket age. This demo would have been utterly impossible
without this amazing tool.

Special thanks to Charlie for being the friendly Amiga compo
organizer whose endless patience we continually challenge. :)"