Amiga demo: Alcatraz - Odyssey (complete)

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Odyssey (1991) demo by Alcatraz. Music by Greg (Grégoire Dini) & Moby (the star chart theme). Complete with full credits.

Demo was installed to HD to make recording easier (no disk changes).

Framerate was converted to 25 during editing. Based on my earlier motion tests and couple of upload tests using footage from this demo, it was definitely the better option vs. using 30 fps. Neither can provide smooth motion, but uploading in 25 fps provides steadier motion.

There were few short moments (i think i counted 3) where the audio had short hick-ups. Why this happened i don't know. The first ones come during the final moments of the escape. The last one comes in planet Gold Ground when calculating safe route for the Labyrinth.


04:02 (Capture)
07:33 (Escape)
11:35 (Planet Lost Star)
15:01 (Planet Doth)
19:13 (Planet Eros III)
22:12 (Planet Gold Ground)
28:48 (Planet Eros III again)
31:08 (Delivering the "Package")
33:08 (Credits)

Soundtrack with Dolby Headphone audio:

Some tracks with stereo join audio can be found from my playlist for Amiga scene music:

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