Venom Wing [Amiga] [Gameplay]

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----about:---------------------------------------- Yet unreleased gameplay-Videos from various OLD Games. There are still a few which didn`t make it to YouTube - hard to believe, but true. I just...DIG THEM OUT ! :) Feel free to discuss about the Game in the comments. --------------------------------------------------- Venom Wing (c)1990 Thalamus A pretty good classic Shoot em Up. Very difficult like most of these Games back in the days (I recorded my third playing with Venom Wing - haven`t made it through the second Level yet 8)). What is really impressing (besides the good graphics) is the catchy Music. Just great in the Intro/Menu. Follow the Video-link down below to watch the Intro if you haven`t seen it yet. Thanks to "janmansde3dede" for the suggestion to upload some footage of this Game finally on YouTube.