Sinclair QL relaunch 1985 - Clive Sinclair interviewed

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Interview with Sir Clive Sinclair. He talks on the QL, the Portable (Pandora) and the Wafer-scale integration (WSI for short). Before the interviewer inroduces Sir Clive she presents a 9 ct. Gold Sinclair QL that was made by London Jewellers Aspreys in 1985. It cost £3,500. The Pandora project eventually became the Cambridge Z88 launched on Feb 17th 1987. The Wafer-Scale Add-On for the QL only existed as a prototype. Later Sinclair founded a new company called Anamartic to produce Wafer-Scale products. He also praises the Motorola 68K microprocessor which was used in the Sinclair QL and Apple Macintosh personal computers both launched in January 1984.