PC Longplay [108] Final Fantasy VIII (Part 8, Trabia Garden)

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http://www.longplays.org Played by: RickyC Like with FF7 I wanted to improve the quality of my ps1 FF8 longplay. I'll try doing more side quests and looking at more stuff like Selphie's diary and the video quality should be improved. Also this will run at full speed unlike the PAL ps1 version I did. Later on I'll be cutting more of the battles out, specially when i'm fighting the same monster over and over. Will keep battles with new monsters in, any story related battles and maybe the odd normal battle. The menu runs at half speed here since I forced fraps to record at 30fps while the menu wanted to run at 60fps. It only really affects when it opens and closes. Decided to record at 30fps because using 60fps made the gameplay a little more choppy when youtube converted it, however recording at 30fps made battles and fmvs slightly choppy but these both run at 15fps anyway so were never that smooth. One thing that is slightly annoying about the PC version is that I have no idea which button the game wants when using Zell's limit. I managed Dolphin blow once but never again. The game's controller config is also set up wrong, I tell it to use the button I press for the "trigger" and in the game that button is used for something completely different.