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Mercenary III, Atari ST - Part 7 - Ain't Played In Ages

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Mercenary III is a game I remembered vaguely but couldn't find until recently, because I couldn't remember what it was called. It was the first game I played on this scale. An open sandbox world where you could go anywhere and do anything. Kind of like Elite, but with characters and a plot. It revolves around the hero of the last game, who has to run for president to prevent the apparently evil P C Bil from taking over the universe or something. But you can't just kill him, you have to be clever. So with me in charge, we're probably doomed. This will be a long one, but I hope it will be entertaining, especially if you played this yourself back in the day. I never finished it the first time, but I hope to this time around. No spoilers please :) Free (and legal, yes really) Windows clone of Mercenary III and all the prequels: Mercenary III on Moby Games: Estimated time since last play: 16 years. "Ain't Played In Ages" is a live narrated walkthrough / let's play series of various games that I haven't played for many years. Usually I'm playing them in the video for the first time since I was a kid. That's a long time ago. Intro music is from the classic "cracktro" by Unit A. The full version can be heard and seen here: