E.V.O.: Search for Eden - Chapter 5: Early Man (Part 1/7)

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The eighteenth video in a walkthrough requested by XanderMisfit. I am a man! At least, I become an early form of what will evolve into a man later. That's not something the game does automatically for you, and not a necessary step. You can do this as soon as Chapter 4, assuming you have enough points. Get the Cat Jaw and Rabbit Body. Then you can get the Ramothecus Body which will transform you into a monkey. This is irreversible, the only thing you can do after that is select the "Evolve further" option a couple of times until you become a caveman with an axe. Then you reached the final possible evolution of the game (apart from going back and forth between increasing and decreasing your body size). Note that none of what the game does at this point (like my creature instantly becoming an ape) is an accurate representation of the theory of evolution.