E.V.O.: Search for Eden - Chapter 3: Age of Dinosaurs (Part 4/6)

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The tenth video in a walkthrough requested by XanderMisfit. Mt. Brave transforms my dinosaur, giving it the capacity to fly. Be sure to have a strong enough tail or something like that to be able to jump high enough to get to the top of the mountain. It's an entirely optional evolution, you can go through the age of dinosaurs without learning to fly (and through the whole game for that matter). Taking this step will reset your evolution to a basic flying creature. You have to upgrade your jaws and everything once again. You also lose your points, which might suggest using lots of them before the change is good, but think about the time wasted collecting them and then losing all your evolutions at some point later (I did make that mistake a bit). The best is to try to evolve just enough to get through the mountain. A change like that, losing all your advantages suddenly because you transform into a new species, wouldn't be part of the theory of evolution. At least not in this form. Changing your species also wouldn't happen suddenly, but with slight changes that result in massive changes over time, making the creature much different from its ancestor.