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E.V.O.: Search for Eden - Chapter 1: The World Before Land (Part 2/3)

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The second video in a walkthrough requested by XanderMisfit. Little fishy here is still in the evolution process. Something that the game adds here to that process is showing that natural selection does not only stand for "being the strongest" (best fitted to your environment is a better term), but also being able to survive environmental hazards like submarine volcanoes, in this instance, which can change the course of evolution. Luck is not the only thing in play, but it's part of the process. One can be the best fitted for a time and still die of an unpredicted change in the environment. For example, let's say that you're a big ferocious dinosaur ruling over small life forms, then suddenly a giant meteorite impacts the Earth, you stand a higher risk of dying than the smaller creatures. They will survive and become the next big thing in the game of evolution, while you're "game over". In fact, you can squat a fruit fly easily, but it takes 60+ times more absorbed doses of radiation to kill them than you.