Demoscene Documentary series, episode 6: 2000 era - No more limits

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In the 2000 era with the advent of ever powerful PC's, demos really have very few limits, which has resulted in very differing demos and interesting styles. We take a look at some of the genre-definining demos of the last few years in the form of Farbrausch's Debris, Stargazer from Orb and Andromeda and Lifeforce from ASD. Credits: Screenplay & interviews: Thomas "Riot" Puha Filming, editing & director: Tommi "Maverick" Mattila Executive producer: Arttu Silvast Producer: Markku Mastomäki Graphics: Milla Moisio & Egon Randlepp Web content producer: Arttu Silvast Consultants: Kim Viljanen, Kristoffer Lawson, Suvi Alanko Demo capturing: Jim "Trixter" Leonard Opening animation: Markku "Marq" Reunanen, Jani "Virne" Lainesalo and Olli "Astu" Pelkonen. Theme music: Arttu Silvast and Peter "Skaven" Hajba Special thanks: Sacha Remling & We Got Beef and H-Town/Pelaaja magazine Original concept: Alternative Party Workshop participants with Pirkka Aunola Produced by Yle New Media Development Subtitles: English: Ilkka Klang