C64 Assembly Game Disassembly Part 2

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Part two of explaining how the C64 game "Spaced Out" was developed in C64 Assembler. Hope you enjoy it. I lost the audio again at the end and had to cut the video short. Finally I need to submit a correction (possibly seen in this video). The correct math to calculate the high/low bytes of the CLRMEM label is: (8 * 256) = 2048 + 64 = 2112 (I am lost without my C64 when doing this, lol) This section is used to clear the sprite memory to remove any garbage that may be resident there. Here's the link to the video seen during the tutorial "Commodore 64 First Assembly Game (1992)" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45sUtaW-nQQ As always, you are welcome to subscribe if you like this.