Faust @ 13/11/2000 07:55

Yape,emulatorek maszynek Commodore C16/116/Plus 4 nabawił się nowej edycji. Z ciekawostek - poprawa kompatybilności, więcej gierek łazi i współpraca z formatami zapisu image taśmy z Vice i CCS64 [emulatory C64]. exact TED timings at last, including "correct" color and character buffering (this actually broke some already working games...) MTAP support, the same tape format that is used in CCS64 and VICE, is now supported! (you should even be able to save/load to/from external TAP files now! Turboloaders also work - check this screenshot here!) timers are now decreased in every second TED clock cycle only... preliminary SID emulation (courtesy of Csabo) full ROM banking via dialog window reorganised menubar you can now load/save user settings and they are reloaded at startup (yape.ini) screen is now centered in all full » więcej

Faust @ 20/09/2000 04:50

Jeszcze jeden emulatorek Commodore +4 Yape [Yet Another Plus 4 Emulator]... jeżeli ktoś nie jest zadowolony z WinEmu może po niego sięgnąć. Speeded up a bit, now you need an Athlon 600 only to run it smoothly :-) 100% of regular opcodes are implemented several CPU bugs fixed high resolution bitmap graphics done (GRAPHIC 2 also works) raster interrupt corrected (still not 100% right) added some more games to the distribution package several new bugs introduced :-))

Faust @ 03/07/2000 04:05

- Sporo nowych tytułów dla Amiga na Amiga Emulation Zone: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (2 Disk version with Intro), Cannon Fodder Soccer (Xmas Special), Clockweiser, Galactic Warrior Rats, Mick & Mac (McDonald's Adventure), Mr. Blobby (Special 2 Disk version), Out to Lunch AGA (Floppy version), Scrabble Super Cars 2, Super Loopz AGA, Thunderbirds, Vital Light, WordsWorth 3.0a, Buck Rogers (Countdown to Doomsday - working copy), Chip's Challenge, Gettysburg, lamatron, M.U.D.S., Narc, Night Shift, Spellbound. - ZXHq został wzbogacony o kolejne 80 gier dla Spectrusia, polecam zwłaszcza Battle Zone, Crystal Castles, Caesar The Cat, Black Magic czy też Bristles. - Coś miłego dla fanów maszynek Commodore C116/Plus 4, na łamach Lando's C16/PLUS4 Classix znajdą około pół tysiąca tytułów do ściągnięcia. Łza się w oku kręci jak się » więcej
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