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Since 2006, I improved the work of the FreeDO emulator, studied architecture, alas, then the FreeDO team threw out its child on version 1.7, a little later we decided to open the source version 2.1. Clones appeared, but nobody added a line to the project, and progress in the same clones is insignificant. After some time, I decided to rewrite the 3DO emulation code from scratch and create a separate project.

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01/01/2018 10:22 CEST| Waga pliku: 23.56Mb| Pobrano: 1
13/06/2017 22:36 CEST| Waga pliku: 22.8Mb| Pobrano: 1
13/06/2017 22:32 CEST| Waga pliku: 22.72Mb
05/05/2017 21:05 CEST| Waga pliku: 22.8Mb| Pobrano: 1
05/05/2017 21:09 CEST| Waga pliku: 22.71Mb
24/02/2017 23:18 CEST| Waga pliku: 12.1kb| Pobrano: 4
12/10/2016 20:49 CEST| Waga pliku: 21.53Mb
12/10/2016 20:45 CEST| Waga pliku: 21.53Mb
18/06/2016 12:05 CEST| Waga pliku: 36.2Mb
11/05/2016 23:48 CEST| Waga pliku: 5.82kb

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